Joey Walker Glass Artist

Currently working out of Kerrville, Texas at his own private studio, Apollo's Atelier. Joey was born in sunny Orlando, Florida, Joey has lived many other places around the country before finally making it to Corpus Christi, TX. In 2014 he began learning to make lampworked beads from a mentor who lived right next door. Since then he has become a skillful borosilicate lampworker who is nothing but passionate about his work. In 2016 he made it up to Dearborn, Michigan where he began working at a production glass studio as a handyman, learning and practicing classical style glassblowing when requested until he began assisting with production regularly as well as teaching demonstration classes at the Glass Academy. He hopes to teach and inspire others and aspires to one day have his glass pieces all over the world to be appreciated by those for a love of beauty and craft!